State-of-the-art Technology

The industrial competence of MACPAC has state-of-the-art equipment from M/s. Bruckner's, world leader, expert in film manufacturing equipment, strongly backed up by German technology. The plant is first of its kind in Pakistan, that is connected directly through contemporary techniques with the process and quality control laboratories of M/s. Bruckner's, Germany.

Product Line

MACPAC Films Ltd. has added a new production line for the manufacture of CPP (Cast Poly Propylene) film to its existing variety of BOPP film. CPP film, maintaining the quality standards, is being produced on the most up-to-date European plant. The machine is equipped to produce single to five layer films of versatile nature for different applications.


MACPAC Films Ltd. manufactures quality BOPP and CPP films for a diverse range of packaging applications for extruding snacks, potato chips, biscuits, confectionaries, rice, spices, tea, soaps, bubble gum, dry milk powder, stationery items, frozen foods, tobacco, match, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, garments, and textile industry.

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